About Us
Pete & Cindy Ehrenreich
Proudly Representing Timberhaven Log Homes

We have been in the log home business since 1992. Originally, we
built our customers' homes using random length logs from
Michigan and spiking them together.  The rest of the building
materials were obtained  from local lumber yards.

In 1996, we decided to become Sales Representatives for a
national log home company-Kuhns Bros. Log Homes.
Unfortunately in March of 2013; KBLH decided to close their doors.  
We were devastated by the news.

But, as the saying goes-when one door closes-another one opens.
We are very fortunate to have been invited to become Sales
Representatives for a new company-Timberhaven Log Homes,

Timberhaven Log Homes was started by a core group of very
dedicated former KBLH employees-with over twenty years average
experience in the log home industry.
We, along with the folks at Timberhaven Log Homes are very
excited to offer you the best in log home living...

Please give us a call or send us an email so that together we can  
begin your journey to living in your brand new Timberhaven Log

Pete & Cindy
Savage Hunting Camp, Mill Hall, PA
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